The 100 Club

Since I am currently in the situation where my expenses exceed my income, it would obviously be ideal for someone to come forward and provide all the funding I need to undertake an Olympic campaign! However, I realise that in the current economic climate that is unlikely to happen. I am therefore launching a new initiative: I am looking for 100 people and businesses to give £100. Every penny will go towards my campaign to becoming a world leading Laser Radial sailor. I think it is a brilliant opportunity to build up the number of people and businesses on board my team on the Olympic journey. Association with a potential Olympic athlete has never been more exciting, with ‘Olympic fever’ being at an all time high on the back of London 2012.

100 Club Launched 17/02/14

100 Club Member Tally as of 31/08/14: 42 

All members of the 100 club you will receive regular monthly updates to keep in touch with my life on the campaign trail. Signing up is easy! Just fill in the form below to get in touch:

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