I like to ride my bicycle I like to ride my bike…

Home for Christmas after a cracking, but exhausting fitness camp in Lanzarote. It was definitely a case of eat, sleep, train, repeat! We stayed in a resort called Club La Santa and the facilities were really cool. Running track, windsurfing, stand up paddle-boarding, great gym, 50m swimming pool, courts for pretty much everything. We had some fun guessing what sport different athletes were training for! Then we realised other people would have some issues guessing what sport we were training for!! It was fun to train in such a focused environment though. The GB 400m runners were out training with Linford Christie which we were all a bit starstruck by!

Most of the training we did was out on our bikes. We had a good group of seven of us: Chloe and I from the Radial, Sophie, Eilidh, Hannah and Sas from the 470 and Nick, RS:X windsurfer. Plus Paul the physiologist and Lily the physio who had to put us back together at the end of hard days of training! It was a fun group! I hadn’t done much road biking before the trip so it was a bit of a baptism of fire! We built up pretty quickly to some long rides, including a 92km ride on day 2. My legs knew all about it!! We did have a bit of time to use the other facilities, too. We showed off our lack of talent on the beach volleyball court, and Nick taught Chloe and I the basics of windsurfing during a couple of hours off. Needless to say, there was a lot of falling in and a lot of laughing!

Definitely looking forward to a quieter week at home now, catching up with family and friends. Happy Christmas everyone!

Bit of a monster of a hill! 50km into a 92km ride!

As a little aside… the rocks and lava flows in Lanzarote are absolutely incredible! And a little distracting… But maybe when you’re 80km into a long ride a little distraction is not a bad thing!